Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Flights of Fancy

SIA are a dirty bunch, I swear

Come on, man, let's be honest, SIA meant to have the ad say 'You're a great way to fuck'. Come fucking on, is that the best you Singaporeans can come up with? Fiscal budgetting killing your ad budget for this year? And do you know where I read this ad? TIMES, November 2004. OMFG. You'd think they'd have more class than that. Thousands of readers around the world are sitting somewhere and the first page they turn to is to a cheap attempt at marketting SIA girls into prostitution. They might as well dress them up in thongs and put a price tag caption under every girl in the ad. And what the fuck is up with that dirty old man doing, pretending to leer off into the night sky? Come on la, I know what you're trying to do with that right arm of yours. And you girls thought SIA was the only way to go. See you in Hustler next month.



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