Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Suspend Me

Suspend Me
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I have a newfound fascination with bridges. Today I attended a press conference in One Utama, and as I pranced around the place, I came across the suspension bridge in the new wing.

Marvelling at the mechanical intricacies of the structure, I began to wonder if the science of bridge construction is a seperate discipline of engineering? I mean, it's subjective to compare and contrast whether constructing a building is any more complicated than building a bridge, but I would like to think that bridge construction is a more specialized discipline.

There are so many building designs to reference from, and engineers today have had a century of headstart to pick a stand-out design of choice. While bridge design is equally saturated and dates back to the hundreds of years, it is still a very niche talent. Which goes back to my original question: are engineers by default also equipped with the knowledge to build bridges? I think not.

I love bridges.



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