Friday, November 05, 2004

My Grandma, Dearly Departed

On the 3rd of November, two days ago, my grandmother passed away from a sudden heart attack; her first and last. Surprising, really, coming from such a strong role model, from a mother who birthed 13 children, and nurtured them all through the Japanese occupation and economic crisis alike. I still find it amazing till today that a woman with no higher education priviledge and tight monetary security find the time and energy to foster those 9 women and 4 men at a time when working on the family farm was a far more precious virtue than clubbing on a Friday night, or sharing your dinner with your younger brother was worth more than just any report card grade. She instilled such levels of fair-play amongst all 14 of them, most of the simply gave up on the notion of gaining her favoratism. Her strength will live on and inspire me long after she departs this Earth, and I hope she finds peace in the next chapter of her existence. I know my mom wishes so too. - November 9th Edit- * I made numerous, somewhat deliberate numerical errors with regards to the date mentioned, if the sharper ones will note that 9 + 4 does not add up to 14. Good to see none of you choose to take this time to bash me, you potentially insensitive pricks.


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