Thursday, December 23, 2004


Christ, if I have to answer one more question as to why I have seemingly forsaken my blog, I'll strangulate myself. Honestly, what do you expect to read here? I don't have adventures in Africa, neither do I participate in peace-keeping operations in Mogadishu, and I most certainly do not go around KL trying to impregnate women. Just how interesting are blogs anyway? I went to this girl's blog, and she wrote a 2000 word entry. WTF. 2000 words. How can any of you bitches slut on about how difficult it is to come up with a 200 word presentation when you can yak on online? Nutcases. I have decided that I am much more happening in real life, and as such, I find blogging to be irrelevant, up until I reach a crisis of sorts that cannot be described with mere words, and require me to blog about it. Honestly, if I were to write here that I have testicular cancer and not only have I already cut off one of my balls, it is now spreading to my butt as well, would you really care? Someone come up and tell me that they'd cut off their own ball for me, then I'll blog. Every minute if you wanted me to. But yes, I know, who really reads me stuff anyway. Heh.


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