Friday, March 11, 2005

Regina, Post Mortem

I'd like to say that when a relationship ends, it sorta slaps you in the face and forces a person to mentally vomit out thoughts of regret and redemption. Ho hum, can't say the same for me. This is by far my shortest relationship ever, and although I am still eating the dust when compared to my friend's one day relationship, who the fuck wants to be in a one day relationship anyway? Are you shooting an episode of 24? Truth is, I am comfortable with my routine, so much so I have become exceedingly efficient at creating new things to do as to make sure I do not ever lapse into a moment of loneliness. I've done the whole long-term and short-term relationships, so I really can't be fucked to go through the entire dating repertoire, just for the sake for dating. I'm not 18 anymore, and I don't go to sleep thinking about sticking my dick into any sweet thing wearing a short skirt. Well, not that often anymore anyway. So when I began a relationship a few months ago, I honestly wanted it to work. Funny really, since it was she who wanted the whole thing to happen, and it is she who ironically pulled away. And now with my previous old flame being single again, I'm just afraid this rollercoaster is just going to start all over again. But there isn't one relationship I regret ever indulging, and although it was ultimately doomed anyway, I could always picture us having the time of our lives, making great memories which we'll remember even after we're not together anymore. I still do.


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