Saturday, May 21, 2005

MSN isn't exactly a good thing, you know

There's this girl that I know who insists on striking up conversations with me at the most inconvenient time, and asks just about the most inane questions ever. I know it's boring and hardly worth reading, but you just have to check out the shit I deal with everyday with her. [Her] Why aren't you with a girl right now? [Me] Because I'm not out there looking for them. [Her] You know, you're like 26. Pretty soon you'll have to marry someone. [Me] I don't know what you're trying to imply, but I don't want to marry you. [Her] When was the last time you had sex? [Me] Longer than Clinton's time as President. [Her] Seriously, don't you need, service yourself? [Me] Sure, I go for regular tuning of my love tube every 20,000 km or so. [Her] Do you still miss your ex? [Me] I'm pretty damn sure she misses me a whole lot more than I miss her. Actually, could you go ask her for me, since you're so curious? [Her] So why don't you ask her out? [Me] You know it's possible to drive and steer your steering wheel with your legs if you put your mind to it? [Her] I suppose. Why? [Me] That doesn't make it a fucking good idea, does it? Ex-es aren't too, either. [Her] So, what are you thinking right now? [Me] I'm contemplating of sending Lucasfilm a hate mail. [Her] OOh, you've watched it already? How was it? [Me] Oh, it was fucking awesome! That's why i'm sending them a hate mail, for making such an awesome flick! Duh alert? [Her] You're mean. [Me] Now you see why we must never get married? I simply cannot allow myself to seed you and spawn dumbfuck children. [Her] ...


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