Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ice Water? How Bout Fcuk You?

Let's see if you can figure this conversation out. [Me] Ice kosong. [Him] No ice kosong. [Me] Excuse me? [Him] No more ice kosong. [Me] Is that a joke? [Him] You want tap water? [Me] *uncontrolled look of disbelief* You're asking me if I wish to drink tap water?? [Him] Yes, we no more ice kosong. If you want, you get mineral water. I then took a look at the teh oh ice my friend just had, and my friend went: [Friend] Then what did you mix this drink with? Toilet water? [Him] Err... Okay, he didn't actually say toilet water, but he damn well should've. The level of insolense and the degree to which they'd do to make a quick buck is shameless. I never liked the people running the joint in the first place, and it makes it worse as hundreds of people go there anyway, despite the rude and absent-minded service. If anything, here's a little poetic justice: SPICY KITCHEN HARTAMAS: SUCK ON MY SALTY HAIRY NUTS YOU FUCKNUTS


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