Saturday, June 04, 2005

Lessons Learned On A Friday Night

A few things I learned last night: Never assume you're charming when you ask for a marble cheese cake in Dome and asks the waitress just how hard the marble is. Immediately look away when the waitress you've just tried to chat up starts whispering to her other colleagues and throws looks of disgust at you. Cover line by throwing on a macho pose by quickly whipping out a ciggarette and pretend to be engaged in a stimulating, engrossing conversation. Never try to act even more macho and assist a hot girl up a flight of non-functioning escalators only to find the exit blocked off. And never, ever, try to see what goes on in the club of Melia Hotel. 50 fat Chinese men writhing around to the sounds of mambo and Linkin Park is more torture than any person deserves to go through. Ugh.


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