Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Of Politicians & Evil Thoughts

I am a bad, bad man. Earlier this evening, while attending this amazingly hyped-up new Proton car launch, I sit in agonizing boredom while waiting for Tun Mahathir to arrive in his almost-clockwork fashionably late entrance, and in doing so, I chatted up this fairly friendly lady sitting next to me. I actually found her to be nice company, until I glanced at her legs and found out it was hairier than mine. Dear God woman, freaking shave that fucking forest you're cultivating there. Then Mahathir arrived (as opposed to Mahathir came), and it was rather surreal to see him up so close. I mean, the man was literally at arm's reach. When he began his Olympian speech, I realized that I constantly zoned out at times, and thought I was watching him speak out of a telly box. Then HairyLegsLady would accidently nudge her legs onto mine, zoning me back in. It got to the point where I started to imagine the heights of popularity I could reach if I rolled up the press release paper in my hand, and threw it squarely at Mahathir's forehead. Imagine the I-think-I-just-crapped-my-pants look on my parent's faces when they see me getting arrested on live national TV. And then I drive off in the new Proton car just before they can launch it. I'm a bad, bad man. If the government screens Malaysian blogs, I'm a fucking dead man.


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