Thursday, June 23, 2005

Touching My Tra La La

When times are bad and you feel like taking exit left at life, take a look at this guy's face, because let's face it, it's just ridiculous. I'd personally like to meet this Kenny Sia dude, because for someone who spends a great deal of his life in a city in which I can only describe as horrifically boring, he's got plenty of interesting things to say. I suppose I betrayed my own faith by posting up pictures on my blog, something which I normally don't do, but come on, who's going to come to a blog that's as interesting as a piece of toast? Short of fabricating my life as that of a double agent for the Russian mafia and not blush when women ask me if I have a gun in my pants or I'm just happy to see them, I can actually take out a 9mm pistol for which to shoot stuff with. It's great to be able to see humor where everyone else thinks is monotonous, but I think the only real true humor left in the world are in the heads of Jeremy Clarkson and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog. I am constantly gripped in fear whenever I write a review for a car I just returned, simply because Malaysian just can't take a good joke. I once described the Proton Savvy as the result of a hangover between Geeks R Us members, which they proceeded to dip their hands into the puke bucket and pull out whatever design ideas they could come up with. Saying things like that would inevitably get me hurt, so it became 'great refinement over previous models'. While some are invariably more open to criticism and can see the humor in all of it, there's one rule that is paramount above all else: Old Chinese businessmen will NEVER get your jokes, even if you put it forth in Hokkien. Wait, wasn't I talking about Kenny Sia?


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