Thursday, July 07, 2005

Protong Sama Dia

The recent debacle revolving around Proton is somewhat of a joke. The fledging 20-year-old company has been spoon-fed under the protective bosom of the goverment for so long, it's gone two decades without a spine. Harping on continual technology progression and innovation is meaningless when it is coupled with repeated usage of old vehicle molds and stiffling import taxes on all other cars, and don't even get me started on APs. To highlight a few few releases, reflect upon the R3, will ya? The RM70K you're imparting is basically going towards a Satria GTI with little more than insignificant facelifts and better seats. An even more chuckle-inducing reply would be that of Proton's response as to why the Savvy does not come shipped with ABS and air bags as standard eq. Loosely quoted, they remarked "We've increased the body strength of the Savvy so much so that air bags and ABS isn't as important. We work from ground up, so body strength takes precedence." Great, so in the event of a crash, the car will survive, not you. I would really like to get into the spirit of things and show a little patriotism for a change, but if I were to just reflect upon things as a simpleton, it all boils down to import taxes to me. When you take out hundred thousand Ringgit cars for review each month like I do, it becomes apparent how much we're all taken for a ride. A Volkswagen Golf GTI would normally cost as much as a Civic Type-R, but a visit to the local distri would have you forking out RM221K. Sure, there's trillions of other factors I've conveniently failed to mention which account for the price differential, but when it boils down to the consumer, I couldn't care less. I guess it all boils down to dissapointment. I'm dissapointed at the fact that my paycheck only allows me to get a Proton car. I'm dissapointed that Proton still produces rubbish cars after two decades of government protection. Most of all, I'm dissapointed that I am hopelessly unable to afford a Golf GTI, a smashingly spectacular car. I'd even settle for an Impreza TS at this point, to be honest.


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