Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thundercats, HO!

This morning, I saw what is possibly the most disturbing single event I've seen this year alone. This dude who's probably in his teens was playing around with this pariah ass cat near my car. While I was in my car waiting for my engine to warm up, that kid started to get amorous with the cat. Hang on, lemme say that properly. He fondled that pussy. He started by rubbing the cat's legs all over, and just as the cat is about to make a run for it, he grabs the poor feline and proceeds to molest it near its private parts. By that time I had already taken out my ciggarette for a little puff, if only just to enjoy the show. He continued dispensing pussy love, until about 4 minutes later, where he did something that almost had me swallow my Dunhill. He lifted the cat up and smelled its balls/pussy. I almost died in my seat. How that kid could pull off shit like that in clear view of people is beyond me. I was so surprised I accidentally nudged my accelerator, but even that didn't deter Boy Wonder there from sniffing the poor feline's unmentionables. I was so mind-fucked, I now don't remember which floor I parked my car on, and I am amazed I made it out of my house at all after that. Goddammit la, I love cats, but I now have to live with this mental scare of a deranged kid in Subang who gets his kicks from sniffing cat privates.


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