Sunday, September 11, 2005

Of Infestations and Movement Zones

I am tempted to take a picture of my room and post it up just to showcase the sheer horror of it all. I guess I knew I was never gonna stay there forever, and I was already contemplating on moving hundreds of times before, so I couldn't really care less, and thus my room is a festering hole of refuse and unorganized chaos. If I were to stack up the amount of plastic bags I've accumulated over the months, it'd fill up to the wall, and I have so little room to move about, I actually have designated movement zones. You know, I kick aside whatever's on the floor, and thus I made a free area for my feet to step on. I currently have 4 carefully planned movement zones, which means I can do four quick leaps from my computer to the bathroom. In fact, I've become so efficient with my movements, I can almost find my room's movement zones without the lights on. What about that, huh? Of course, the story isn't truly complete without an infestation story to go along with it. Numerous parts of the room, mainly the door, have been eaten away by rot and whatnot, and because of that, cockroaches have been making frequent visits to my room. Imagine the extent of the horror, okay? I'm sleeping, I wake up in the middle of the night, and there are cockroaches crawling over my head and legs. Yes, I know, my endless pile of trash is definately not helping, but it was gonna happen regardless. Anyhoo, I'm moving to another place, where I look forward to screwing things up yet again. Or not. We'll see. I think room to move around and the lack of rodents will be a nice change. Why am I blogging about this? Coz it's a hot, boring Sunday afternoon, that's why.


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