Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Return of The Rufie

Rufina, let me just make things clear for you. My cell number is not 1-800-KELVIN. I do not sit around my office all day waiting for you to call me. I actually have things to do. Speaking of things to do, I will have DiGi bar your number from ever calling me again. Today Rufina decided upon the monumental decision of getting a new DVD-ROM drive. She doesn't know how to install it. Naturally. And of all the people she can think of annoying, she had to call me. For God's sake, there's easily 2 million people in the Klang Valley alone. Pick up a Yellow Pages directory and play Eeny-Meenee-Minee-Mo if you have to. Again, she thinks I sit around scratching my ass, waiting for girls to call. Actually, that wouldn't be too bad of a life. I wouldn't dream of boring all of you to tears by recounting every harrowing detail of the conversation, but I will tell you this: I rather chew on the ass of a moose than having to go through another session like this ever again. In fact, I have a headache now. Seriously. For those who are more tech savvy than Rufina, you'd probably know what a jumper on a DVD-ROM drive is. I first asked her to describe it to me. She claimed it was white. She then later rambled on, and for some reason, that same object has become grey. WTF. Even plastic objects wither in your presense? How the fak does the same object you're looking at suddenly change colour? It's not a damn neon light show for Gods' sake. Rufie, the next you call me, it better be for dinner that's on you. See, it's come to that, I'm willing to help the child of Satan over the promise of home cooked food. TF.


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