Sunday, October 02, 2005

Flea, Sia

I have come to the conclusion that I either possess irresistable online charm, or I am just a magnet for all things absurd. I am now in possession a vampiric female fan, whom I fear may be slightly delusional, and perhaps desperate. Allow me to run the sequence of events for you. Day 1: Her: Hi Me: ? Her: I found you on friendster blablabla wonder if we can be friends Me: Um, sure? Day 2: Her: Hi Me: Ah right, you. Her: You want my picture? Me: Excuse me? Day 2 (later on): Her: You want my number? Me: Err.... Her: *gives me her number anyway* Me: Thanks? We have traded no more than 5 minutes worth of meaningful conversation, and I've already obtained her picture as well as her number. If I didn't know better, she is a ready-to-go free fcuk. Oh come on, it's not like I'm advertising her number or anything. I don't think anyone's intelligent enough to figure out her name from the title of this entry, so I'm not entirely an asshole. Unfortunately, I am not desperate enough to pursue this, but anyone who has a PSP and drives a BMW 5 can proceed to contact me in exchange for her number. And people say I don't help out.


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