Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bloggites isn't a proper word, dammit

I'm so completely in awe over the current obsessive explosion of female bloggers, particularly that of from Singapore. A quick browse through http://www.hottestblogger.com is enough to make a man's testicles wither. Is Singapore so boring that the most recent fad is to maintain a blog with copious amount of irrelevant pictures? The recent blogging flame wars are also completely irrelevant, if not only to serve as a humorous after thought on a lazy afternoon. Wendy, despite your best efforts, always manage to be your own worst enemy and fail to see the thin line that divides tact and journalism. I mention you, and only you, because you are quite literally an Asian blogging phenomenon, and you've failed to capitalize on your audience reach. Of course, that's just what I think, and seeing as I don't know much of anything anyway, you'd best ignore this anyway. I have also come to the realization that the Singaporean female gene pool is exceedingly small, because all the bloggers I've read about in the past hour or so look practically alike. Apparently, having background music in which you can't turn off is in nowadays, and if you want to be even remotely cool, you have to feature pictures of high heel shoes and use a pink background. I have actually compiled a list, but i'm too lazy to post it up, mainly because I think I'm loosing the plot of my entry, and I think this is a boring entry to begin with. As such, I'm not even arsed to end this entry decently. An Audi A4 quattro awaits my masochistic loving.


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