Monday, November 07, 2005

Have A Nice 'Fuck You' Day

You stupid little shit. I am very aware that you need to have the things sent out. I am also aware that the post office deadline is close. How bout you sit the fuck down whilst I run things by you in what is possibly another long string of frustrations I always seem to run into when dealing with you. First off, I'm doing you a favour. What kind of sorry ass weak shit excuse is it for me to send the mags instead of having one of the girls, or any other person for that matter, to send it? Just coz they're girls? Somebody call the motherfucking feminist brigade, I think we got ourselves a winner here. I'll just park my car in Klang next time round then, how about that? Just because I'm generally nice and the fact that I drive doesn't give you the right to be rude, you inconsiderate little shit. Lets get this straight, I owe you nothing. The only reason I seem to bend is because I don't to see you reduce yourself into your miserable puddle of self pity, and so I do what any nice person would and oblige in your half-hearted requests. And who the fuck picks up half your calls anyway whenever you're off picking your nose feces or getting an epidural in the toilet? Thanks to your display of character and lack of respect, I will no longer pretend to be nice to you. Ever. I may not be your boss, but bite again, and I'll motherfucking pull your head off. It and whatever little stuffings of gray matter it contains. Fucking idiot, you can't even distinguish the difference between L and R.


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