Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Short Story on A Mini pwnage

There are these mutant mosquitoes in my room, I swear. These fuckers just refuse to die. I took a can of Shieldtox, closed the windows, and sprayed for a good 10 seconds before adjourning downstairs for a smoke. 10 minutes later, I went back to my room and saw the fucker still flying around. WTF. First, mutant blogs, now mutant blood suckers. So as I sit here breathing in Shieldtox, I can't resist but to take another look at Singaporean blogs again, because they are frankly, rather entertaining. Hold up, did I say Singaporean blogs are interesting? I need to bring your attention to something I've stumbled onto recently, which is none other than the mental diarrhoe that is the Minishorts flame war. Why people call it a flame war annoys me to to end, because a war isn't a war until a country's leader is assasinated or if you happen to live in a country which starts with the word 'I' and ends with 'raq'. Anyways, after taking a 'holy-crap' long time in reading all of the flames going to and fro Claire and Co., I came to the realization that I, among hundreds of others, were conned like Himalayan mules. Yes, stupid me went along into thinking that this shit was real, and like all others, suffered a brain seizure when we realized that none of this crap was real. She and 3 others pulled off what I can only summarize as the greatest Hindi blogging drama I've read yet. We really do fucking kick ass, which is more than what I can say for the people down South. Well, maybe not me, I certainly don't kick ass, seeing as how I am the unwitting fool in this grand trickery of a flame war. Dammit, I said it again. I recently got an e-mail from someone attempting to get me to review their spanking new Karaoke machine. That was still midly humorous up to the point when he introduced the name of the machine. Get ready for it, it's called the: Kanaohyeah. If that isn't even remotely hilarious to you, kindly walk off the end of a short pier. I don't need a person with humour-deficiencies going tru my blog.


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