Sunday, December 25, 2005


Truth is, I have no idea why I am here. This could be fun... I am depressed. It is Christmas Eve. Where the hell am I? In front of the freakin' computer, chatting and grumbling to Kel...(I do feel guilty about it and I apologise) Gyahhh....I haven't been in a good mood for the whole week. I was quite easily irritable. Stressed out to the point that I actually considered taking up smoking again...I've always wondered whether it really helped to ease my mind...can't really remember now. There are instances when a certain someone is incredibly stressed, the first thing he'd do is to reach for his bloody ciggies. So much for promising to cut back on smoking and eventually quit... I am certain that I am not stressed out from work. So why the hell am I feeling so bl00dy pathetic...Ugh! Maybe it's because I have been arguing with that certain s0me0ne every single night for the past few days. I hate it when people cannot solve their own problems, they take it out on you...Ugh...especially when it has absofuckinglutely (will have to thank SATC for this wonderful word...blehh) nothing to do with me... Come to think of it, I should have just taken up my aunt's offer to go back to Muar. Mum sorta expected me to go home since it's a long weekend. What more a Christmas weekend. Not that I actually celebrate Christmas... Staying in the room is SAD. Not havng s0meone to talk to makes it even worse. I feel like crying all of a sudden.I think I really really miss my parents and sisters. Something is definitely wrong with me...Damn...It pisses me off not knowing why I feel this way. I do not usually miss my parents nor my sisters THIS much. And I just saw them like...2 freakin' weeks ago. WTF! Hmm...I am itching to watch movies. Have been trying to book tickets but of course, it's always fully booked. Then again, I didn't really have the time to go watch them at the cinema.I do hope they wouldn't be that packed when the school holidays end. Do I actually have money to go watch at the cinemas?...Gawd...I don't know =( Kel, I have failed you terribly. This is the best I can do...LoL...Yes, I deserve to be spanked...sighie I shall now go back and indulge your oh-so-lovely Sex and the City collection...



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