Friday, December 02, 2005

I've got your nuclear weapons right here buddy

I'm increasingly under the impression that my friend is in fact a terrorist. He always seem to pretend to be busy when I'm trying to find out what he's up to, and when he does chat, all he talks about is how upset he is with the world. You know a man is a closet terrorist when he tells you one day over MSN one day that explosives can be made from simple household items. Of course, what's even more worrying is that he's convinced that extremist Islam fundamentalists do have a point, and that in order to make a statement, you'd have to go out with a bang. This is coming from a man who can't remember what he ate four hours earlier, and the only sex he has ever had was with his right hand. This is also the same man who recommended The Super Terrorist Brothers to me, and thought that the man who made fun of these genuises of extremitism ought to be shot. I told him that he needs a shot of Xanax, but then he just got pissed off. Okay, that's it, my rubbish post for today. The thought of this nice young man harboring thoughts of terrorism just depresses me.


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