Sunday, December 11, 2005

Very Gay Days

I read whiterabbit's blog regarding her weird habits with much amusement, so much so, the people who are living in the house behind mine actually pulled their curtains aside just to see where the hysterical snorting is coming from. Since I am phenomenally gifted at being weird/annoying, I might as well come up with a list myself. 1. I like to lift up my feet and curl them up in incomprehensible knots when I'm alone in my room. It looks so hideously impossible, you'd swear I was demonically possessed. 2. I ask people for their opinions, when really, I don't care, because I go ahead with what I originally intended to do in the first place. This is why my father probably never forgave me for ditching E & E Engineering halfway during college. Not that I was any good at Math to begin with. 3. I am hugely absent-minded, that if my designer wasn't such a dear and pointed out certain things to me, I'd be that man who didn't change certain page numberings in T3. 4. I smoke more than what my body demands. I'm not quite sure why I am over-supplying my lungs with tar, but I think it's because of the fact that I can't stand boredom and smoke just to occupy myself with something. 5. I keep a large collection of things I don't actually need, from un-used ciggarette boxes to key chains. I think I have an unopened condom packet somewhere that's 6 years past its expiration date. That's right, condoms have expiration dates. 6. I loop a new song over and over again to the point my boss will tell me to turn it off, because I've absolutely killed it. This goes back to point No. 5 really, because then I never listen to it ever again. 7. I am a huge proponent of love, but I am so convinced that love will find me and not the other way around, I may just end up turning gay. This may mean good news for RainbowGayDave, because if I ever was gay, he'd probably be the one I'd go to. OMG did I just type that? Ah fuck it. I have countless more, but I'm sure my readers couldn't care less, and I frankly can't be bothered to type anymore. And no Rufie, I will not succumb and photo whore or blog about every little thing that happens in my life. I will not apologize for saying this, for the majority of blogs now are just popularity contests, and I'll be damn if I ever join in the race to prove who's nuts are bigger or if I'm cute enough to make it to So guess what I did last night then? Don't give a rat's ass? I thought so. If you actually went on to see if there's actually a site called, kindly go ahead and shove a taser up your nose.


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