Friday, March 17, 2006

Celle, Germany - March 11 2006

I can't get out of this; people demand I post up images, else they just won't shut up. I know, I said I'd never be a photo whore, but you headons wouldn't leave me alone. Celle's a small town roughly 60 miles from Hannover, which is basically located in who-gives-a-shit-ville. There's hardly any activity going on in this small town other than the local ducks and town center, which is rather relaxing after the media whore-fest in CeBIT. It was either this or Berlin, but Berlin's one and a half hours away via speed rail, and realizing that I have a paper-thin ass, I opted for the shorter ride. It's not all that bad, really. The food's awesome, the air's amazingly crisp and no one bothers us. I've seen chocolates which look like postcard houses like these. Not neccesarily good to lick with, especially in winter cold. Because a walk in the park helps me keep in touch with my inner man. And lets me scratch my crotch without anyone seeing. I have no idea what the hell this thing is supposed to be, but if this is where nudists congregate during summer, I'm taking a month off work. In Germany, the people there have the good sense of putting a fence and a gate around their house. I was tempted to pee right at the gate just to see urine condensation, but let's face it, I'm too chicken shit. At this point, my ears felt like they had already come off, my feet are mush, my ankles don't work anymore, and all of my sperm are dead. I wonder what sex would be like on snow. It's a Peugeot covered in snow. Er. Yeah. This wasn't exactly shot in Celle, but come on, its a chocolate fountain! And yes, the chocolate is hot, and if you were to stick your finger into it, be prepared for a two minute long German verbal ownage. Germans are pretty when they curse. Okay, that's it. Yes, I have more, but I'd rather undertake an epidural than to post up more pictures. I know the pictures are small, but what to do, I like.


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